Dear Witt Percussion customers, I thank you for almost 11 years of your support and adoration for our products, being owner and main builder of our drums and shells, I can no longer keep up with the physical demands of making the shells, this has led to long delays with customers, and we apologize for that and recognize that this is something we can no longer sustain.

As of December 1st 2014, Witt Percussion will cease to exist as a company, I as the owner will personally do my best to get out any remaining orders left outstanding, it may take a while,
but I will get everything out eventually.

All is not totally lost when it comes to the products of ours you've enjoyed over the years. We have recently sold Erie Drums and Shells to a new young vibrant owner with the same enthusiasm for the product that we had up until the end. They currently have the all horizontal grain ply shells in production and may be able to make the solids in limited quantities and sizes.

I leave the possibility open that if anyone out there wishes to carry on the legacy of our solid shell drums, I am open to selling the designs and methods to interested parties. For inquiries into past or outstanding Witt Products, will stay active, and for inquiries into new drums or shells, you may visit